Home Cleaning - maid service

House Cleaning


We are determined to offer exceptional cleaning services at affordable rates. Your house will look brand new when Christine and her staff walk out the door! If you are in the West Atlanta Area We would love to be your cleaning proffesionals!

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning


Your office is for working, not for cleaning! There are lot of business owners and offices in the West Atlanta Area, Paulding, Cobb,  Bartow, Douglas, & Carroll Coutnies, that we currently manage. Office Cleaning Proffesionals leaving your office looking brand new!

Party Cleaning

Power Washing


We clean the outside of your house too!  Our exterior cleaning services include power washing, to remove mold, mildew and stains from your:

-Siding & Eves

-Concrete driveways & walk ways

- low pressure washing for your deck and fencing.

Deep Cleaning Hiram

Deep Cleaning


Sometimes ya just fall behind. Christine and crew will come in deep clean your home and make it sparkle like new.  Using all of the latest cleaning techniques and products.  Then we can set you up on a cleaning schdule with affordable rates and a One time cleaning is OK Too!

Moving out powder springs

Move In/Out Cleaning


This service is perfect for landlords who don’t want to be left with a mess left behind from tenants.  New homeowner - have your house cleaned and shined before your move-in date.   Sellers - impress potential buyers with fresh, clean spaces.  Special discounts apply for apartment complexes.

We clean west Atlanta

Refferals - tell NOW!


We love our customers and their friends. Tell a friend and if they book a cleaning with us, we will give each of you a $25 credit!


Additional Services

Inside Cabinets


We will clean and organinze your cabnits.  Arrange the spices and stack the cans, get rid of the old and rotate in the new!



Inside Fridge


There are countless benefits to having a clean refrigerator. Not only will it look (and smell) much nicer, but you can also safeguard your family against the growth and spread of bacteria, which can often accumulate in food storage areas if not promptly and regularly addressed. We do clean the exterior of your fridge with every regular visit!, it is also important that you occasionally perform a deep clean to keep it looking great, performing well, and safe for your loved ones.  We will clean the inside and get rid of the funk and if you allow us to clean your fidge we will also the dust and dirt from condenser coils in the bottom grille/kick plate. You might be surprised to learn that doing this regular coil-dusting may:

  • Increase the efficiency of your fridge by 3–5%

  • Save you something in the neighborhood of $100 year in electricity costs

Inside Oven


CRUSTY!  BURNED! and in general EWWWW!  We will do a detailed oven cleaning at your request just ask us.  We will take a look and get scrubbing.



Interior Walls


Let get rid of the grim and allergins that build up on your walls!

Interior Windows

We will only leave behind proffesionally cleaned windows,no smudges or streaks.

Oven Cleaning in Winston Georgia