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Our Most Popular Home Cleaning Package

Elite Cleaning is a whole-home cleaning.  We clean, dust, vacuum, and mop all rooms, top to bottom, focusing on the essentials bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, a general straightening up of the entire home and mid-level and low level dusting throughout every room of your home.  


You may also add the +PLUS Package to this cleaning

For a Full description of your, Elite Cleaning CLICK HERE


Cleaning Materials

Our most affordable cleaning.   


This is a popular package for those customers who just need help with the hardest rooms to clean.  It includes the Kitchen, All Bathrooms, plus one room of your choosing, like a Family Room.  For the rest of the home, we vacuum and mop the floors.  We don't clean those rooms, just the floors. 


You may also add the +PLUS Package to this cleaning

For a Full description of your, Essentials Cleaning CLICK HERE


high dust.png

 Make it a +PLUS

The +PLUS adds things many other cleaning companies leave out on a regular maintenance cleaning but we give you the option to add or remove based on your preferences.  Every service visit we dust all top to bottom cobwebs, lights, and widows (frame, blinds, and sills), and spot washes all your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.  

For a Full description of your, +PLUS Cleaning CLICK HERE

Move-In/Out Cleaning

Moving out powder springs


Is a deep clean for empty homes, let's impress.  All features of a deep cleaning PLUS with the home empty we can get all the places that otherwise go untouched. 


  • Added inside the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. 

  • Added inside the interior of the Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and interior oven door window.

    • Oven cleaning may be added for $45

  • Also included are the inside closets, wiping down racks and shelves as well as pantry rooms, closets, and all exposed areas. 

  • Carpet Cleaning may be added for as little as $35 per room. 

For a full description of your Move in/ Moveout Cleaning Click HERE

Post Construction Clean Up:

Image by Annie Gray


Post Construction Clean upon an existing lived-in space will have all the services performed in deep cleaning with an extra helping of dust with the added items below:


  • Dust the ceiling and walls

  • Clean baseboards, trim, door frames, window frames, and windowsills

  • Clean interior and exterior windows and scrape remaining  stickers (priced by the window)

  • Remove paint from hinges

  • Clean cabinet doors, shelves, and drawers

  • Clean the countertop

  • Remove excess caulk

  • Mop or vacuum the floor

  • Clean light fixtures and fans

  • Clean blinds and shutters

  • Remove paint drips/overspray from tile, flooring, & counters to the best of our ability.

  • Remove stickers, packaging, and tape from appliances.

  • Wet wipe the door, door frame, thresholds, all woodwork shelves ledges, and baseboards.

For a full description of your, Post Construction Cleaning Click HERE


Home Cleaning in Winston Ga in Temple

We love our customers and their friends. Tell a friend and if they book a cleaning with us, we will give each of you a $25 credit!


Additional Services We Offer:

Inside Fridge


There are countless benefits to having a clean refrigerator. Not only will it look (and smell) much nicer, but you can also safeguard your family against the growth and spread of bacteria, which can often accumulate in food storage areas if not promptly and regularly addressed.

Interior and Exterior Windows

We will only leave behind professionally cleaned windows, with no smudges or streaks.  outside we use a brush and a soft-wash rinse leaving your windows crystal clear.

Yorkville Refridgerator cleaning.PNG
Washing Window

Inside Oven


CRUSTY!  BURNED! and in general EWWWW!  We will do a detailed oven cleaning at your request just ask us.  We will take a look and get scrubbing.




Oven Cleaning in Winston Georgia

Power Washing


We clean the outside of your house too!  Our exterior cleaning services include power washing, to remove mold, mildew, and stains from your home.  We use low-pressure soft wash for vinyl, decks, and fencing.

We can surface wash your walkways and driveways.

Power Washing in Hiram
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